Make wellbeing a priority for 10m people, across 84 countries.

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Prioritise Well

The noise of everyday life makes it near impossible for people to prioritise their wellbeing - work, kids, errands, deadlines and more - all of it, means most people put themselves at the back of the queue.

The platform has been designed to fundamentally change that. Every interaction helps members make one marginal gain at a time. The platform is responsive to each member’s individual wellness journey - suggesting content, inspiring with new activites, challenging progress or providing a sense of beloning and community - all of it helps take that step forward. The use of data driven feedback and recommendations makes the interfaces contextually relevant and real.

Let video do the talking

Accessibility is one of the wellbeing sector’s biggest challenges - people are just intimidated by the unknown. What’s it like? Will I fit in? Do I belong?

Leveraging the power of video helped give people a real glimpse into what it’s all about and overcome some of those fears. Taking a step further, we added a layer of User Generated Video review content, contextually enriching the experience - allowing people to hear real stories, from real people.

Make booking universal

Piecing together the fragmented inventory structure of the wellbeing industry and making it seamlessly bookable through a single flow was a real triumph. Whether it’s a space on a yoga live stream, a massage in person, a spot on a boxing bag or a consultation with a therapist - they all need the follow the same flow.

Supplementing that with a single currency that enables global organisations to cascade a cash benefit to employees regardless of where they were, simplifies the adoption and utilisation.