Cultivate an innovation culture across a government and a nation that is prepared to do everything it takes to be ahead.

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10 x Years Ahead

Mobilising a nation towards the 2071 agenda, required the government to take the first step. Given the scale and complexity of public sector initiatives along with the myriad of accountability challenges that sit with public office - innovation can often be slow and muted. Breaking free of those limitations was critical to being able to propel Dubai 10 years ahead of other governments.

Forming the ‘10X’ program provided an independent platform, where each government department could establish a separate ‘X’ entity - that was able to focus on real innovation. With independent funding, a direct route of authority to the Ruler’s office and a mandate to think wilder than ever before - the conditions for innovation were established.

World Government Summit

Understanding where the cusp of innovation and the future sits today and exploring the immense possibilities of tomorrow is really what is needed to inspire the next generation of government to think differently.

Bringing Elon Musk to the centre of that conversation sets that tone- a person that embodies the very forefront of innovation across many aspects of life. But most importantly setting a stage where he sits alongside the government - legitimises the importance and value of innovation.

Design, Build, Learn, Iterate.

With most governments operating on 25-50 year time horizons, innovations and change often miss the mark as they are outpaced by change on the ground. Building a framework that could compete with the pace of technology was critical to drive tangible results, whilst giving us the opportunity to learn fast.

The formation of the Dubai 10X program, gave ‘X’ government entities 100 days to design, build and implement initiatives that represented the future of their sector. Fuelled by competitive spirit and the opportunity to enable real change, produced ground breaking ideas that put Dubai ahead of the world.